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so this is gonna be a nsfw post.  yall ready?  context: nano now works the night shift IRL and he wanted me to send him some pix of a sexually deviant nature to help keep him…”Awake”.  since this obviously isn’t the blog to post IRL pix of a sexually deviant nature, i took SL pix of the same sort.



sending “not safe for work” pictures to my boyfriend at work, you ask?  of course, yes.  this is just how we do. 

  • hair: elikatira, horizon, and truth, lana
  • skin: the body co
  • makeup: kosh
  • necklace: je suis
  • mouthie: rezipsa loc
  • tattoos: vestigium & rezipsa loc
  • lingerie: the bishes
  • belt: loulou&co
  • socks & shoes: severed garden


alice blue was an easy enough color for this round of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge because there were so many events recently that had great shades of blue that either fit or complemented the challenge.  i’m staying with my bf atm, so i get to use his great comp that lets me use shadows & mesh, woohoo <3 (yeah, as if THAT was one of the great perks of staying with him :P)

after finishing zombie popcorn for the rumor and doing this challenge, i’m pretty much blogged out for the week.  basically katiroth and i finished up the hunt in a day because we’re diligent like that, and lucky for us, kismet was up to approve it.  hunt blogging is actually pretty fun because i get to go through poses to find the best ones to display clothing or makeup or nails, what have you.  i would do a hunt again, i’m just not sure what’s in store for me yet :D

  • hat: lagyo, roses crown for TDR
  • hair: truth, lana in honey for Stumblebum
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • necklace: lagyo, sachin necklace for TDR
  • cardigan: kyoot, soft resolution top in teal
  • shirt: fishy strawberry, faux corset sequins tee in kinda blue for TDR
  • shorts: imbue, studded highwaist cutoffs
  • socks: kyoot, soft resolution knee socks in teal
  • kookie: dirty muse boots in rust brown
  • pose: label motion for Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6


i love me some hot hookers, who doesn’t?  that’s why i chose to spend the night over at kimbra’s, along with miss kismet.  it’s a good thing my name doesn’t start with a k.  we all got dolled up to take some hottie tottie vday pixxx.  everyone looks scrumptious, even my HUGE cameltoe.  don’t act like you didn’t notice it. 

they decided to wear hunt items and i hadn’t hunted a bunch yet, so i’m wearing some rainy day lingerie.  my partner REALLY wants me to do the 12 days of lingerie challenge, but i don’t think i could manage it haha.  i am actually the last person to get this post up of us 3!

speaking of, see Kismet’s blog for her details and Kimbra’s blog for hers.  if you are painfully unawares of who is who, kimbra is the blonde, kismet is the brunette, and i’m the redhead in these.

kisses to my misses <3 (and to you, nanobabes, of course.  c u soon xxxo)

  • hair: shag, naked as we came in fever
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • makeup: the body co, tangerine for lilac
  • teeth: baiastice
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, valentines eyes (Zombie Popcorn 6)
  • tattoo: aitui, cherry blossoms v.2 red
  • body suit: illmatic, pera body suit in black
  • bra: armidi, boudoir bra in rouge
  • garters/stockings: blacklace
  • flats: jesylilo, moon flats in red
  • nails: rezipsa loc, vday nail pack in heart nails, red & white
  • poses: magnifique & glitterati


i turned this week’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge into a chinese new year tribute (yay for being a quarter chinese).  the color patina actually reminds me of emerald jade, but rather than scour the grid for the jewelry, i thought it would be pretty to find a jade-colored cheongsam.  well, that was a bit tougher than i had wished it would have been.

looking up “cheongsam” on the marketplace and not expecting dated, low quality garments is pretty bold.  the one i chose ended up having a system skirt…oh my god.  it ballooned over my hips and ass to a point where i thought i could have served as a flotation device for a cruise ship of people.  i fixed it as much as i could to make it look normal, hah.  good thing i have lighting, angles, and photoshop on my side.

  • hair: d!va, naomi in onyx
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • makeup: the body co, tangerine for lilac
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, december group gift in bluegreen
  • cheongsam/qipao: sheofthesoursnailsuckers sellery, aquamarine with gold trim mini
  • nails: rezipsa loc, vday nail pack in black cherry
  • shoes: slink, tiger heels in red
  • pose: label motion


again with the return key submitting.  i bought so many couples poses, thanks vday for being so fabulous that creators give discounts in your name.  nano wanted a bunch of cheesy lovey poses (this one is his pick), i liked all the conventional-yet-unconventional ones.  that doesn’t really make sense, but it did to me at the time.

i especially wanted to feature nanoface because i’ve been on the lookout for cool meshy things for him to wear, as requested.  or rather, suggested.  mesh tends to reflect some windlights really well, and i’m kind of infatuated with the effect.

and this happened before we watched house, then took pix.

[22:52] kid thing: Hai
[22:52] Nano Imako: yo
[22:52] Nano Imako: wuddup
[22:53] Nano Imako: you want drugs?
[22:53] kid thing: what is drugs
[22:53] Nano Imako: $10 for a teenth
[22:53] Nano Imako: i can hook u up
[22:53] kid thing: hm
[22:53] kid thing: shakes my head, no
[22:53] Nano Imako: nah? you sure?
[22:53] Nano Imako: all the grown kids do it, and they’re really cool
[22:53] Nano Imako: don’t you wanna be cool?
[22:54] kid thing: i be only 4
[22:54] Nano Imako: the younger you start, the better
[22:54] Nano Imako: you get an edge over the competition
[22:54] kid thing: Giggles ✰
[22:54]kid thing: u likes to swing
[22:55] Nano Imako: hell ya

peddling narcotics to children on the playground.  classic. 


  • hair: entente
  • skin: the body co
  • jacket/shirt: kal rau (mesh)
  • jeans: amerie h (mesh)

me (cousin it over here)-

  • hair: wasabi pills, brree in pancake (mesh)
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • cardigan: jm:mai, hyolee skull cardigan
  • dress: pumpkin, elara (mesh)
  • nails: rezipsa loc, vday nail pack in striped, pink&white nails
  • tights: mstyle, stars tights in cerise
  • boots: fir & mna, the orann boots in grey

pose by: !bang (falling in love), 100L for vdayyy

i had weird sky graphic bugs taking this pic ~_~  anyway, new skin, new profile pic.  it looks like a cleaner version of rehab’s kara, which until now has been my go-to skin.  the body itself is detailed to a tee, including a lovely tight ass.  hah.  i had problems with the cleavage layer i bought though.


it looks like this.  now, i think this mark is there to ward off people who want to use body co cleavage with other skins or something.  in any case, i hope it isn’t intended to look THIS glaringly awful.  i’m a new owner of a body co skin, so maybe someone else knows this better than me.  i dropped an nc to thebodyco, asking about this, so we’ll seeee.  chamomile chest, indeed.


received an expedient reply from thebodyco.  all fixed!  yay lovely boobies :D

  • hair: lelutka, loose in justdone
  • skin: the body co, lilac in sunkissed
  • teeth: baiastice
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, mirror eyes in hazel
  • top: tres blah, amor fati dress in peach
  • tattoo: actchio, lady skulls

nano had the dumbest profile pic up, just a random screenshot that i’m in somehow while i was trying on clothes in a pose, looking noob as fuck.  so i begged him to let me take a profile pic, which he begrudgingly agreed too.  yay.  ran down to glitterati, got a pose, then dropped in kowloon to get an industrial-looking backdrop.  although i have no aa on my mac side of my computer, i hiked up my screenshot pixel dimensions to like 3k so it’d look decent enough when it scaled down.  i’m happy with it, although he insisted on the smoke which i’m not too fond of -_-  i tried to take a pic to matchy match, but i crashed, so whatevs~

  • hair: shag, soldier boy in chocolate v2
  • skin: the body co, fox (06) tan w/ hair
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, mirror eyes in blue
  • jacket: kal rau
  • shirt: nanuk