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i like taking pictures on location, and so i’ve been exploring different places that have really amazing builds for backdrops.  however, the thing about exploring for photo locations is that more often than not, these are rp locations.  depending on the theme, they could also be…combat rp locations.  i have nothing against them, but i do try to get by without encountering any combat.  sometimes i find a quiet place to plop down and pose, and i see people on my radar coming closer and closer so i panic and tp away, rofl.  i need a body guard or something!

  • hair: clawtooth, pretty words in dusty black
  • skin: josephine, mother goose
  • piercings: pekka & blah, macro & spiky monroe piercing
  • top: tres blah, sequin dress in silver
  • skirt: emery, skirt denim roxe
  • nylons: woe, olivia nylons in black
  • shoes: nardcotix, zoe platforms in monochrome
  • poses: marukin

i saw this “chihuahua” hair by amerie and i knew i had to get it.  super adorable!  and yes, shadowplay again, because i’m not wearing any mesh and one of the only things that inhibits me from using the old kviewer for shadows.  the other thing is that sometimes prims disappear when i enable them, so hair doesn’t end up looking as good, etc.

i have to say, one thing i haven’t been crediting is poses, which is stupid because poses set a tone for a picture and therefore deserve credit.  i used to think, oh how easy it must be to create poses, they’re all the same, but that was when i had a box of awful freebie poses.  now i’ve amassed a collection of them, and have grown to have a few favorite pose makers.  this pose is by glitterati, one of the two “behind” pose packs that i bought because i thought i didn’t have enough booty pix ;p 

  • hair: amerie h, chihuahua in dirty blonde
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • tongue: acid & mala, greedy tongue
  • tank top: muka, hello bitch
  • bottom: t whore, bunny bikini white bottom
  • socks: delirium, x-mas brat socks
  • shoes: ubu, drunks
  • pose: glitterati, model pack 18


a little new, a little old.  i’ve been meaning to blog a severed garden outfit, and listening to the vickileekx mixtape inspired me to do it.  i also ran to buy one of the new mother goose skins, called josephine. the face on my shape kind of reminds me of mena suvari, n i dig it. 

as much as i hate the lucky board scene, i must admit that mother goose pulls out all the stops for these, all set at 3m at the main store i believe.  i demo’d josephine and i THOUGHT it may have been the same on the highest lucky board, so i waited around 2 hours while watching waiting to exhale.  D never showed up, ofc, i’m CURSED.  i went back this morning and waited around forever until i tp’d kismet in, and voila.  D appeared, just for me.  turns out it was slightly different than josephine, but cute nevertheless. 

i also missed using shadows/dof so i used my old kirstens viewer that sadly lacks the mesh code.  if only i could figure out a way for these options to work when i’m wearing mesh >:[  maybe bf will help me :D

  • hair: truth, clara in snow
  • skin: mother goose, josephine (new)
  • outfit: severed garden, adanel in aquamarine

it’s Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge, and i’m attempting to participate at the gentle prodding request of my dear kismet.  i tried to do the 365 photo thing last year, but that ended up being a poor attempt.  it turns out, i’m not very good at sticking to things, which is why i have 0 resolutions this year, just internalized plans to become a better person, yada yada yada.

this week’s color was champagne, naturally (i <3 barefoot bubbly, so yummm yet so weak), and a search in my inventory turned up the following: truth hair & maitreya shoes.  off to a decent start, but i don’t really feel like starting off the year in my nudiepants and JUST those items.  i went with a gold/beige bodysuit from r.icielli’s great new years pack, because gold fabric tends to be more of a champagne shade anyway.  i wish i had some bubbly to break out in celebration of creating this post, but hot chocolate will have to do.

  • hair: truth, hazel in champagne
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • bodysuit: r.icielli, pietra bodysuit in beige
  • shoes: maitreya, ixkin in champagne


it’s a new year, woot!  i love clean slates, i love to wipe my dirty personal issues all over them.  mmmmmmmm yes.  weirdoness aside, i picked up a bunch of stuff from the recent sales.  of course there was flf, which i royally invested my L in.  i got the mesh boots by fir & mina, although i, like everyone else, wish they were rigged mesh.  for 50L though, you can’t complain too much. 

from tdr, i got the fishy strawberry valentines pack that included this sexy revealing cardigan, and paired it with the mesh ricielli skirt.  i didn’t really think before buying the skirt, really, i just saw CUTE MESH and it was instabuy.  i really should have a better thought process that includes how to accommodate my ass in something so constricting like mesh, before buying.  i put it on, and yeah…buttcheeks were coming through the cracks, even with the alpha layer.  i dejectedly lowered my ass and hip sliders, but the weird thing is that there are still transparencies that the alpha creates that aren’t covered.  perhaps a glitch layer would’ve been better suited?  i found a pose by label motion that hid the alpha part showing, so all was good.

i also very much welcomed the reincarnation of stumblebum.  insufferable dastard is pretty much my go-to eye place, so buying the eyes from there was a no-brainer.  this “real eyes” version doesn’t disappoint, i bought a color that was strikingly blue.  loveee.

miss kismet faith coerced me tonight into partaking in the 52 weeks of color (nah, just kidding, it looked fun), so i might put together a post later dedicated to that.  ah, the trials and tribulations of being a lower tier wife.

  • hair: milana, amber in reds
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, real eyes 5
  • tattoo: glue ink, lil birds
  • top: fishy strawberry, early morning cardigan in white
  • skirt: r.icielli, denim skirt in black uk (mesh)
  • skin: rehab, kara
  • socks: mushie, saylor girl’s socks
  • boots: fir & mina, the orann boots in grey
  • nails: [mock], candy apple mock nails


photoshoot fresh, looking like wealth, i’m bout to call the paparazzi on myself.  before party & mid-party!  only takes 3 shots of patron to go from demure to down and dirty. 

this new milana hair was perfect for letting my hair down, so loving these luscious locks~  dress-wise, there were so many perfect nye ones this year!  the league flf (which i managed to wear on new years eve-eve to publicly trash my image), the tres blah flf, the kyoot flf, the epoque flf…just to name a few.  i went with the blah dress from a previous black market, and it is a coochie-flashing dress y’aallll so bending over AO stances are gonna be interesting.  it’s cool tho, i wear panties :D  celebrate time, 2012 inc, albeit later than everyone else in the world!

  • hair:, jasmine.2 browns & milana, april light browns
  • earrings: aura, phosphorus club hoops in turq
  • skin: rehab, kara
  • eyeshadow: sauce, eerie spice
  • dress: blah, my highwaist lace dress in black&white
  • stockings: tres blah, c88 thigh high socks
  • shoes: slink, destiny heels in black

i’ve been reading a lot of trashy magazines lately, and no not the dirty pictures kind, just the ones that go on forever about what men like and therefore how you should dress to win over a man.  it’s really a bunch of garbage, in my opinion, because you should dress however you feel the most confident.  in fact, dressing specifically to attract men makes me kind of ill thinking about it. 

so yeah, here i am with this in mind, and i’m home without my honey on christmas.  somehow i got to thinking about how i should go about dressing for when he comes home to me.  contradictory, RIGHT?  i was being so feminism-progressive and woosh, there it goes, just like that.  is there really a problem with knowing what my man likes to see on me and playing to that advantage though?  i know it doesn’t keep ME up at night worrying about it.  i jumped on the new mesh sweater with the revealing back that i knew my banano would find sexy, and threw on the boom bra and a pretty flower back tattoo beneath it.  i also finally bought the huge tail hair from magika, which is really cute with the laid back look i had going on. 


you know how the ending goes.  he pretty much jumped me.  merry christmas to me (and to him <3)

  • hair: magika, break
  • skin: curio, airhead
  • makeup: rezIpsa loc, wind burn makeup for lve
  • lingerie: boom, i promise in nude and black
  • tattoo: grunge ink, cherry blossom tattoo
  • earrings: loulou&co, utopia piercing star
  • sweater: maitreya, mesh athena sweater in gray
  • skirt: luck inc, ruffled miniskirt in dark taupe
  • stockings: league, side-gartered butterfly stockings in black
  • boots: death row designs, thigh high lazy boots


happy belated christmas.  that’s how it works, right?  this is actually an old look that i wore while helping pennelope blog about the phillipines disaster assistance charity event.  for some reason i feel more philanthropic with glasses the size of my face.  i’m part filipina and the entire disaster broke my heart, so many people were injured and had their lives taken.  hopefully the event raised some awareness, because although this didn’t get as much media attention as the japanese tsunami, people still should know that there are more people suffering in asia and need our help too.

here’s some information about it:

aaand my info,

  • hair: elikatira, quirky in blonde
  • glasses: iren, nerd glasses in black w/ glass (i love that these are mesh because they make the cutest edges with my bangs)
  • piercings: ab & pekka, theology & macro piercing
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, mirror eyes in hazel
  • tattoo: villena, stay gold
  • skin: rehab, kara (i actually wore pink fuel’s hunt skin alyx in hazel tone, but for some reason i’m just unhappy with the way it looks on my shape.  disappointing because the body’s sick)
  • dress: vive9, boatneck dress in cherry
  • socks: pig, socks mit suspenders in fire engine red
  • sneakers: 1mm, atuzoko sneakers in limited edition lucky board (i waited maybe 2 hours for my letter, just me there.  so not winning.)

decided to go opposite of campy for my christmas eve snapshot, inspired by last year;s exile subscribo christmas gift.  happy holidays everyone xoxo

  • hair: exile, artemis in angel dust
  • skin: tres blah, glossed (in retrospect, i should’ve used dewy.  ah, well.)
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, december group gift eyes in gray
  • dress: whippet & buck, meela drace in nude

the first time i tried to post this, the pictures i took were all wonky and they had the dreaded lines of rng doom.  so i waited a bit, had an RL a bit, and then came back to it.  i revisited the frozen lake so i could plop down a chair (woo build permission), and voila.  the pic was reborn.  i also took a kitty along because he looked snuggly.  his name can be blanco, just because.

so there blanco and i were, admiring the cushy goodness of mesh.  he thought my new mesh boots were adorable, and i had to agree; they bend and move with my legs and feet like my boots do irl.  i used the juxtapose group gift chair to show an example of just how good these boots can move with me.


see how the boots scrunch at the ankles in the direction that my toes are pointing?  i love it.  also love this blah lingerie from perfect wardrobe, though i forgot the candy cane mouthie. 

although i enjoy keeping up with the times and fashions, i enjoy a good throwback from time to time.  i haven’t worn a laq skin in ages, and i forgot about wearing them until i got the subscribo xmas gift.  I liked the face on me so much, I went back to one of my old skins, Linnea.  such a skin whore, i can’t even; rediscovering old skins all day errday.

  • hair: wasabi pills, brree in chocolate and exile, tempest in blackcherry
  • skin: laq, linnea in cocoa
  • cardigan: mon tissu, prudence cardigan in gray
  • lingerie: blah, candy cane female kit
  • skirt: luck inc, ruffled miniskirt in tartan
  • boots: ju, charlie boots in neutrals light
  • pose chair: juxtapose, naughty list group gift
  • blanco the kitty: agharta, hug amesho cat


woo it’s a four corners post!  it was a pretty neat event, but it threw me off that some of the build seemed to be mesh because i had hardware skinning turned on unknowingly and there were some weird squiggly lines following me as i walked around and cammed that i just ignored.  i finally caught on to the problem when i turned and saw that this dude’s upper half was wiggling around like an octopus.  switching off hardware skinning fixed that right quick :P

i couldn’t pick the best corner!  i ended up just getting something from every side to put together an outfit that was kind of a 60s throwback.  this, of course, gave me an excuse to buy the burley hair i’ve been eying for the longest time; i just love the color variations and the color textures in burley hair packs.  yay for rationalizing linden splurges!  now to go listen to a bunch of youtube covers.

  • hair: burley, bajka in platinum
  • skin: rehab, kara
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, colors of fall in orange
  • earrings: aura, phosphorus club hoops in turq (delightfully bright)
  • top: paper.doll, ana in cream (alluring modesty)
  • shorts that everyone and their mother is wearing: imbue, studded dye shorts in paradise (bikes & spikes)
  • heels: milk motion, my vintage heels in red (delicate damsel)


all meshed up and nowhere to go!  firestorm release has a fixed mesh code for mac that allows me to use it, as long as i don’t have hardware skinning checked.  score!  i basically ran about, demo’ing as much as i could remember that had been released as mesh, particularly the store wasabi pills.  i’ve seen the brree hair around before, but of course didn’t have the correctly coded viewer to see it inworld.  thank god i got it working on my computer in time to wear this hair around the grid along with some warm, layered clothing, because it is amazing.  i’ve always had the problem where the hair sinks into the boobage and looks pretty stupid, but this hair scoops out over the bosom area without an issue.  perfect, except for the wrong hairbase i’m wearing that doesn’t exactly match.  oop.

in other news, the league of christmas hunt down at the aleksandr sim had a bunch of goodies, one of them being the mesh arm warmers from boom (yes, i’m somewhat obsessed with finding mesh apparel i can wear.  they’re my crack atm)  and yes, they’re also amazingly comfy.  i also added the festively striped argyle anonymous socks to my outfit, because they complemented the socks&shoe look that these boots from kookie already provided.

i decided to take a family pic to show off the mesh-y family, but unfortunately nano wouldn’t load all the way with his aitui sweater from collabor88 so he had to put on his tried&true uniform (which is still pretty cute :P).  behind us is the new, sparkly polar bear family from miasnow that i couldn’t resist having on our frozen lake.  cute, cuddly, glittery, and incredibly affordable; could you ask for a better christmas family addition?

  • hair: wasabi pills, brree mesh hair in black coffee
  • sweater: koqstar, white henley
  • vest: pig, wolves in striped brown
  • shorts: epic, kyoot pocket denim shorts in vintage
  • arm warmers: boom, arm warmers in christmas edition
  • socks: argyle anonymous, merry socks
  • boots: kookie, dirty muse in rust brown


it was the last day of dark winter fair so i moseyed on over to the zombie popcorn sim and took a few shots.  still disappointing to me that we were unable to cover the event because of a few disgruntled stores :/  i picked up this league coat from their cozy little shack in the fair and paired it with the tres blah leggings from collabor88.  you know how it’s some archaic fashion rule that you’re not supposed to wear black with brown?  well, it’s archaic for a reason, it’s so vague.  brown has so many different shades, and honestly, you can make that shit work.  it isn’t hard.  i would say, maybe black with a dark burnt sienna brown would clash, but you could use practically any other shade of brown.  miranda priestly, y you no make sensible fashion guidelines?!

kiiind of upset that the jacket layer of the coat hadn’t rezed in for me and that i didn’t notice until i plopped the snapshot into photoshop.  annoying annoying.  OH, and the hair is from the new rumor discount event, super cute.

now if you will excuse me, dragon nest just patched in a new level cap and i need to gets to levelin!

  • hair: ++AY.LiNE++, re-rosemary in strawberry
  • skin: tres blah, glossed
  • coat: league, winter coat in brown
  • stockings: tres blah, lamb’s stockings
  • heels: maitreya, treaders

perfect wardrobe updated a few days ago, and i rushed over to grab the cute yulicie hair.  at the rumor meeting, kismet ALSO had the hair, but i hadn’t added on the reindeer antlers like she did ‘til she pointed it out.  they’re quite festive :D  they’re also reminding me that i need to add lights onto our house.  i think that will put the final touch on our decorations!

  • hair & antlers: yulicie, [moon] want hair in diamond
  • skin: jesylilo, DIMH gift
  • tattoo: villena, stay gold
  • cardigan: pig, lazy sweater heyguy
  • tank: the sea hole, pj tank in trees
  • leggings: kyoot, hollander leggings in black
  • boots: xxyoumeshoujoxx, xmas boot


dat azz.  you know you love it.

vive9’s newest hair release has the perfect iggy hair; it’s called strong winds pony, and i quickly plopped down the L to join the group for the group tones pack so i can have it in a bunch of colors.  of course that platinum look is going to be the best, iggywise, but the other colors are nice too.  the roots are incredibly intense in vive9, which is how i like it.

as for the outfit as a whole, well you know, i have to keep the skin showing, else someone reading may forget whose blog this is.  this wrack dress isn’t for the modest, let’s put it that way.

although i quit the kittycats scene after losing my house and lot to a black hole, i still lurk the ongoings from time and time and holy shit are the new christmas kitties cute.  the halloween ones kind of skeeved me out, what with the kitties being in skin-tight latex suits and all (never keep your kitty in a skin-tight latex suit btw, that’s just asking for a bread factory of a yeast infection), but these are just adorable.  the collabor88 kitties also tempted me, but i was able to resist them with enough willpower.  THE REIN-DEAR KITTIES THOUGH?  GOING TO TAKE ME A LOT MORE.

and i’ve already been spending so much.  fml.

  • hair: vive9, strong winds pony in albine
  • skin: mother goose, minji
  • dress: wrack, open dress in brown-green
  • socks: sassy, above knee socks in white
  • shoes: ubu drunks