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hmm electric indigo, this was a toughie.  only the 3rd one in, and already i lack the appropriate color in my inventory.  still, i had stores in mind to hit up.  i went to emery, remembering its style penchant for bright colors, and found an indigo skirt. 

to go with the skirt, i wanted to find something at a store that i don’t go to often.  i recently picked up a jack spoon blouse at fashionably late, and realized i didn’t have any other pieces from that store in my inventory. this store is actually really reasonably priced, i bought this body suit for 14L, and it included 2 colors! 

for shoes, i wanted something dressy because i knew i wanted to use tights with this outfit.  i saw a bunch of people in the new leverocci mesh goodies on the feeds, so i looked it up on the marketplace.  usually the first thing i do when i find a good store is look them up on the marketplace to see the range of things they offer.  so convenient.  they had these mesh oxford pumps in this great blue color called mdma, great find because i love the oxford/tights look irl. 

pretty happy with the outfitoutcome of the outfit, and i already have things in mind for iron >:]

  • hair: lelutka, jolie in strawberryblonde
  • skin: mother goose, josephine
  • bodysuit: jack spoon, nikki bodysuit in blue
  • skirt: emery, ebby skirt in indigo
  • stockings: tres blah, c88 lamb’s stockings
  • pumps: leverocci, embossed leather oxford pumps in mdma
Title: Fantasy Artist: DyE 0 plays

i’m taking a page out of kimbra’s book here and taking the time to blog about music, or as she affectionately calls it, “musex”.  perfect wardrobe’s theme was fairytale, so this song by dye called “fantasy” is perfect.  i’m posting the audio file and not the video because, well, the video is fucked up.  like quentin tarantino meets hayao miyazaki meets whoever creates the aphex twin videos kind of fucked up.  major.  anyway.



this coat, by [w]ynter, is ridiculously fun to wear.  traipsing to and fro around this woodland sim, with “fantasy” playing, it’s right out of a fairytale.  well, with this genre of music, maybe a twilight fairytale.  but i swear, that’s the only way twilight will involve itself here.



after wearing it around for pictures, i realized that this hood is a lot like the one the character argenta wears in the game i play with my bf, dragon nest.  argenta’s costume is really…sought after, i mean people even cosplay that shit.  i’m not about to go grab a white wig and pretend i’m argenta irl, even just for a LITTLE BIT, but i can mimic her likeness in sl.



okay, this has been a mega post.  wowza.  i need to cut back on posting anyway, i’m 50% through my freebie flickr allowance!!

  • hair: kik & clawtooth, libby in platinum and pretty words in blinding
  • skin: mother goose, josephine
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, january group gift eyes in honey
  • coat: [w]ynter, red riding hood jacket in red, from perfect wardrobe
  • dress: kyoot, soft holiday dress in cream & black
  • gloves: grixdale, feeling undone long undies top
  • socks: kyoot & g199, lacey white knee socks & g199 socks from skimpy outfit set
  • shoes: kookie & dd sonata, snugs in dirty brown and dark boots in black
  • bag: tram, gamaguchi bag
  • poses: rozena & label motion


no photo bombs today, quel dommage.  it’s still winter at my house, and i don’t really plan on renovating it until maybe mid-feb.  i enjoy winter time too much, don’t tell me it’s over :(  spring can sleep a little more, don’t come early!

one of my friends irl is into doing monochromatic looks with boldly-colored pieces or accessories.  this seems easy to do as a guy, which he is, because you basically only need maybe 2 good pairs of pants, maybe 5 shirts, and 3 outerwear and you’re good for the season.  my personal style varies from day to day, so pulling this off and buying a bunch of clothes just to keep with the monochrome, god, the cost would be astronomical.  i admire the dedication it takes to upkeep a fashion new years resolution, but is it for me?  not really. 

still, i decided to play around with a similar kind of style (plus, i hadn’t yet used this tres blah kimono and i was looking for a neat way to do so).  i used the black kimono and the neutral-colored kyoot dress paired with loud emerald tights from actchio and flashy pumps.  i even used a necklace, and i n e v e r accessorize.  cheers to coming out bold in the new year.

  • hair: milana, april in light browns
  • skin: mother goose, minji
  • kimono: tres blah, c88 lace kimono in black
  • necklace: tres blah, harlow necklace
  • tights: actchio, roselace tights in emerald green
  • shoes: kookie, miss vo pumps in pillar red
  • poses: bang


It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you

Everything I do, I tell you all the time

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Tell me all the things you want to do

I heard that you like the bad girls

Honey, is that true?

It’s better than I ever even knew

They say that the world was built for two

Only worth living if somebody is loving you

Baby now you do

i tried to avoid Lana Del Taco’s honey-tongued persuasion for the longest time, but it ended up being all in vain.  i like the lyrics for video games, but the video for born to die was a lot more visually inspiring.  i went to tableau and used the desert backdrop for these images that i’m pretty happy with.  i wish my coral pic was in the same caliber of outcome as these, grhahrehwrwh.  if i could keep re-doing it and re-submitting it, i would.  for some reason, although the sky & sim were perfect and beautiful, it ended up looking really awful when i was done with it.  :<  sigh, let it go.

in tableau, there was a system noob dude avatar wobbling around without an ao, hovering about me as i was fumbling with the graphic sliders.  i had my finger on the cage gun trigger if he even dared push me, but maybe his photo bomb would’ve been an interesting capture.  i should just take a picture with innocent civilians walking around, it’ll be like a street fashion lookbook photo.  hah.

  • hair: fashionably dead, oliviababy in burger clown
  • skin: mother goose, josephine
  • shirt: tres blah, graphic tee in merci beau coup
  • pants: fishy strawberry, moto pants in black
  • shoes: kookie, bonnie in night
  • gloves: hermony, leather gloves in fingerless black
  • tattoo: villena, stay gold
  • poses: marukin, cloud pack


i like taking pictures on location, and so i’ve been exploring different places that have really amazing builds for backdrops.  however, the thing about exploring for photo locations is that more often than not, these are rp locations.  depending on the theme, they could also be…combat rp locations.  i have nothing against them, but i do try to get by without encountering any combat.  sometimes i find a quiet place to plop down and pose, and i see people on my radar coming closer and closer so i panic and tp away, rofl.  i need a body guard or something!

  • hair: clawtooth, pretty words in dusty black
  • skin: josephine, mother goose
  • piercings: pekka & blah, macro & spiky monroe piercing
  • top: tres blah, sequin dress in silver
  • skirt: emery, skirt denim roxe
  • nylons: woe, olivia nylons in black
  • shoes: nardcotix, zoe platforms in monochrome
  • poses: marukin

i saw this “chihuahua” hair by amerie and i knew i had to get it.  super adorable!  and yes, shadowplay again, because i’m not wearing any mesh and one of the only things that inhibits me from using the old kviewer for shadows.  the other thing is that sometimes prims disappear when i enable them, so hair doesn’t end up looking as good, etc.

i have to say, one thing i haven’t been crediting is poses, which is stupid because poses set a tone for a picture and therefore deserve credit.  i used to think, oh how easy it must be to create poses, they’re all the same, but that was when i had a box of awful freebie poses.  now i’ve amassed a collection of them, and have grown to have a few favorite pose makers.  this pose is by glitterati, one of the two “behind” pose packs that i bought because i thought i didn’t have enough booty pix ;p 

  • hair: amerie h, chihuahua in dirty blonde
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • tongue: acid & mala, greedy tongue
  • tank top: muka, hello bitch
  • bottom: t whore, bunny bikini white bottom
  • socks: delirium, x-mas brat socks
  • shoes: ubu, drunks
  • pose: glitterati, model pack 18


a little new, a little old.  i’ve been meaning to blog a severed garden outfit, and listening to the vickileekx mixtape inspired me to do it.  i also ran to buy one of the new mother goose skins, called josephine. the face on my shape kind of reminds me of mena suvari, n i dig it. 

as much as i hate the lucky board scene, i must admit that mother goose pulls out all the stops for these, all set at 3m at the main store i believe.  i demo’d josephine and i THOUGHT it may have been the same on the highest lucky board, so i waited around 2 hours while watching waiting to exhale.  D never showed up, ofc, i’m CURSED.  i went back this morning and waited around forever until i tp’d kismet in, and voila.  D appeared, just for me.  turns out it was slightly different than josephine, but cute nevertheless. 

i also missed using shadows/dof so i used my old kirstens viewer that sadly lacks the mesh code.  if only i could figure out a way for these options to work when i’m wearing mesh >:[  maybe bf will help me :D

  • hair: truth, clara in snow
  • skin: mother goose, josephine (new)
  • outfit: severed garden, adanel in aquamarine

it’s Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge, and i’m attempting to participate at the gentle prodding request of my dear kismet.  i tried to do the 365 photo thing last year, but that ended up being a poor attempt.  it turns out, i’m not very good at sticking to things, which is why i have 0 resolutions this year, just internalized plans to become a better person, yada yada yada.

this week’s color was champagne, naturally (i <3 barefoot bubbly, so yummm yet so weak), and a search in my inventory turned up the following: truth hair & maitreya shoes.  off to a decent start, but i don’t really feel like starting off the year in my nudiepants and JUST those items.  i went with a gold/beige bodysuit from r.icielli’s great new years pack, because gold fabric tends to be more of a champagne shade anyway.  i wish i had some bubbly to break out in celebration of creating this post, but hot chocolate will have to do.

  • hair: truth, hazel in champagne
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • bodysuit: r.icielli, pietra bodysuit in beige
  • shoes: maitreya, ixkin in champagne


dat azz.  you know you love it.

vive9’s newest hair release has the perfect iggy hair; it’s called strong winds pony, and i quickly plopped down the L to join the group for the group tones pack so i can have it in a bunch of colors.  of course that platinum look is going to be the best, iggywise, but the other colors are nice too.  the roots are incredibly intense in vive9, which is how i like it.

as for the outfit as a whole, well you know, i have to keep the skin showing, else someone reading may forget whose blog this is.  this wrack dress isn’t for the modest, let’s put it that way.

although i quit the kittycats scene after losing my house and lot to a black hole, i still lurk the ongoings from time and time and holy shit are the new christmas kitties cute.  the halloween ones kind of skeeved me out, what with the kitties being in skin-tight latex suits and all (never keep your kitty in a skin-tight latex suit btw, that’s just asking for a bread factory of a yeast infection), but these are just adorable.  the collabor88 kitties also tempted me, but i was able to resist them with enough willpower.  THE REIN-DEAR KITTIES THOUGH?  GOING TO TAKE ME A LOT MORE.

and i’ve already been spending so much.  fml.

  • hair: vive9, strong winds pony in albine
  • skin: mother goose, minji
  • dress: wrack, open dress in brown-green
  • socks: sassy, above knee socks in white
  • shoes: ubu drunks


home alone again ;p  but not too alone.  birthday week was amazing, but i feel like i’ve been celebrating for all of november, and going to be celebrating through december as well.  such a good holiday season. 

sl-wise, so much to buy.  mesh FINALLY works on firestorm: mac release for me, but now to test AA.  it probably is still gross.  sd;lfkl;sdfkfllgl  i’m not too sure about wearing mesh full-time yet, so i’m wearing out my cute non-meshy stuff still.  this hair by mina is the most adorable thing, i swear!

  • hair: mina, liss in essentials
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • top: [y], leopard shirt in pink/purple
  • tattoo: villena, stay gold
  • jeans:, low rise jeans in midnight
  • shoes: def, manifesto lo sneakers


baby love is coming to visit me for a couple of days <3  so excite rn.  i practically did nothing in preparation, just spammed a bunch of gestures from a megapack that i bought on the marketplace while he fell asleep packing.  and then i had to call him at least 5 times to make sure he was up and getting things done.  yay yayy though, happy birthday to me :D

  • hair: exile, mona in california
  • skin: mother goose, minji
  • top: shampoo, furyl blouse in leopard
  • tattoo: actchio, ladyskulls
  • jeans: eleanor rigby, plain jane cigarette jeans
  • shoes: def, manifesto lo in black leather

i’ve always seen and admired mother goose skins from afar, but i haven’t gone to the store since the lucky board skins i picked up when i first started.  the faces were always adorable, but the bodies always left something to be desired.  however, right now, that is not the case!  i tried this grace skin on and quickly dropped the lindens for the pack :D  every skin comes with cleavage, which is different, but i love cleavage layers so it was fine for me.  tried something a little arty this time, since i tried the hdr effect last time and wanted to incorporate it into two picssss.  i like the ethereal look i got from it, but it is a little messy :P  time to see if la venta eventa has mass-banned me ~sigh~

  • hair: magika, diamond in white
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, mirror eyes in blue-green
  • skin: mother goose, grace
  • dress: twhore, schlampe dress in white