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alice blue was an easy enough color for this round of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge because there were so many events recently that had great shades of blue that either fit or complemented the challenge.  i’m staying with my bf atm, so i get to use his great comp that lets me use shadows & mesh, woohoo <3 (yeah, as if THAT was one of the great perks of staying with him :P)

after finishing zombie popcorn for the rumor and doing this challenge, i’m pretty much blogged out for the week.  basically katiroth and i finished up the hunt in a day because we’re diligent like that, and lucky for us, kismet was up to approve it.  hunt blogging is actually pretty fun because i get to go through poses to find the best ones to display clothing or makeup or nails, what have you.  i would do a hunt again, i’m just not sure what’s in store for me yet :D

  • hat: lagyo, roses crown for TDR
  • hair: truth, lana in honey for Stumblebum
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • necklace: lagyo, sachin necklace for TDR
  • cardigan: kyoot, soft resolution top in teal
  • shirt: fishy strawberry, faux corset sequins tee in kinda blue for TDR
  • shorts: imbue, studded highwaist cutoffs
  • socks: kyoot, soft resolution knee socks in teal
  • kookie: dirty muse boots in rust brown
  • pose: label motion for Zombie Popcorn Hunt 6


i turned this week’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge into a chinese new year tribute (yay for being a quarter chinese).  the color patina actually reminds me of emerald jade, but rather than scour the grid for the jewelry, i thought it would be pretty to find a jade-colored cheongsam.  well, that was a bit tougher than i had wished it would have been.

looking up “cheongsam” on the marketplace and not expecting dated, low quality garments is pretty bold.  the one i chose ended up having a system skirt…oh my god.  it ballooned over my hips and ass to a point where i thought i could have served as a flotation device for a cruise ship of people.  i fixed it as much as i could to make it look normal, hah.  good thing i have lighting, angles, and photoshop on my side.

  • hair: d!va, naomi in onyx
  • skin: the body co, lilac
  • makeup: the body co, tangerine for lilac
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, december group gift in bluegreen
  • cheongsam/qipao: sheofthesoursnailsuckers sellery, aquamarine with gold trim mini
  • nails: rezipsa loc, vday nail pack in black cherry
  • shoes: slink, tiger heels in red
  • pose: label motion


yup, so iron happened (yay 52 Weeks of Color) much earlier in the week, because i already had the direction i wanted to go with.  also, if every week looks like some awful typography slapped onto the picture, that’s because it is.  i wasn’t sure if i should continue with the same font every week, but it looked awful last week and it certainly looks out of place this week.

anyway, with iron, i took an artistic liberty and went for a silver that matched the brightness of the swatch. the ears i used liked to change colors with the windlight and i didn’t know how to fix that, so bright white ears it is.  at least i had an excuse to use a much-loved curio skin from the past, called pout.  curio seems to work really well with the dreamlike state of faun and all associated. 

this sim that is still deftly preserved by the winter is the piccara main store sim. 

  • hair: dernier cri, heather in snow
  • horns: deviance, demon’s mistress horns
  • skin: curio, pout in light freckled moonbeam, silver spoon makeup
  • ears: ironik kitties, elf ears
  • eyes: insufferable dastard, mirror eyes in blue
  • armor: chaospire, fantasy outfit in silver metal
  • hooves: epic, faun garter socks in grey
  • poses: estetica, loitering pose pack

hmm electric indigo, this was a toughie.  only the 3rd one in, and already i lack the appropriate color in my inventory.  still, i had stores in mind to hit up.  i went to emery, remembering its style penchant for bright colors, and found an indigo skirt. 

to go with the skirt, i wanted to find something at a store that i don’t go to often.  i recently picked up a jack spoon blouse at fashionably late, and realized i didn’t have any other pieces from that store in my inventory. this store is actually really reasonably priced, i bought this body suit for 14L, and it included 2 colors! 

for shoes, i wanted something dressy because i knew i wanted to use tights with this outfit.  i saw a bunch of people in the new leverocci mesh goodies on the feeds, so i looked it up on the marketplace.  usually the first thing i do when i find a good store is look them up on the marketplace to see the range of things they offer.  so convenient.  they had these mesh oxford pumps in this great blue color called mdma, great find because i love the oxford/tights look irl. 

pretty happy with the outfitoutcome of the outfit, and i already have things in mind for iron >:]

  • hair: lelutka, jolie in strawberryblonde
  • skin: mother goose, josephine
  • bodysuit: jack spoon, nikki bodysuit in blue
  • skirt: emery, ebby skirt in indigo
  • stockings: tres blah, c88 lamb’s stockings
  • pumps: leverocci, embossed leather oxford pumps in mdma

the following is my previous text, but i redid the picture because looking at it later, it looked like an inworld screenshot.  very blah. 

i saw the weekly color challenge group chat pop up and realized how many people have already gotten their pictures sorted out.  i hadn’t realized sunday was sort of ~the day~ to post.  i suppose i could’ve waited, but i already had an idea of an outfit in mind by the end of last week.  it’s beach season all year long here in hawaii, and coral is the perfect beach color.  to accompany my beachwear, i used the vive9 hair and lagyo earrings from this month’s collabor88.  as for next week’s color, electric indigo…well i’m a bit fucked, aren’t i.  looking at the color, it’s between blue and violet, so a certain shade of either may just pass.  welp, onto the next one.

  • hair: vive9, tall tales pony in brunne
  • skin: rehab, kara
  • sunglasses: ryca, sunglass bv2 in gold/black
  • earrings: lagyo, olrich earrings in gold
  • bra: phoenix rising, glam lingerie in coral
  • top: t.whore, breathable dress in coral
  • shorts: the secret store, summer beach shorts in coral
  • tattoo: pekka, blossom passion
  • shoes: hucci, d’ann pumps in coral
  • pose: PDA

it’s Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge, and i’m attempting to participate at the gentle prodding request of my dear kismet.  i tried to do the 365 photo thing last year, but that ended up being a poor attempt.  it turns out, i’m not very good at sticking to things, which is why i have 0 resolutions this year, just internalized plans to become a better person, yada yada yada.

this week’s color was champagne, naturally (i <3 barefoot bubbly, so yummm yet so weak), and a search in my inventory turned up the following: truth hair & maitreya shoes.  off to a decent start, but i don’t really feel like starting off the year in my nudiepants and JUST those items.  i went with a gold/beige bodysuit from r.icielli’s great new years pack, because gold fabric tends to be more of a champagne shade anyway.  i wish i had some bubbly to break out in celebration of creating this post, but hot chocolate will have to do.

  • hair: truth, hazel in champagne
  • skin: mother goose, gahee
  • bodysuit: r.icielli, pietra bodysuit in beige
  • shoes: maitreya, ixkin in champagne